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Satin flower hairband by Ilyere
Satin flower hairband
I came across this tutorial - (…for making satin flowers, which prompted me to make this hairband!

It's a bunch of satin flowers attached to a satin-covered hairband. It makes for a great handmade craft project, as you can choose to make everything yourself, if you wish.

I've been very inactive as of late, and it only keeps get busier for me. From constant studying to constant revision for exams now. :/

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- Assorted ribbon in different shades of blue and white and of different widths
- Some pearls and decorations
- White hairband
- Two metres of white ribbon for covering the white hairband
- Superglue
- Needle and thread
2014 Art Summary by Ilyere
2014 Art Summary
Alongside my usual origami and jewellery deviations, I also did a bit more sewing.

I'm sorry I haven't uploaded anything on here for a while now. I can say that I have two projects currently on-going: a new origami model, and a Yu-Gi-Oh! playmat.

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In order:

January –  Blue keyring charm

February – Tourmaline quartz 'Monochrome'

March – 3D origami swan pot

April – Easter fabric bunny

May – Animal Crossing bell bag

June – Flower charm macrame bracelet

July – Malachite pendant in sterling silver

August – Kusudama 'Hanahitai Mitsuya'

September – Star hair pin

October – Stuffed fur mouse

November – Snow quartz - 'White whorl'

December – 3D origami Christmas tree

(I've also notice that I've barely uploaded any of these things as well, I have to apologise for this!)

Snow quartz - 'White whorl' by Ilyere
Snow quartz - 'White whorl'
Snow quartz is also known as milky quartz. It is a gentle calming stone, which is said to enhance meditation by allowing you to link to deep inner wisdom. It is also said to provide support while you are learning lessons and to help you to let go of overwhelming responsibilities and limitations.

I really like this one, it's really awesome how haphazard designs end up looking really pretty.

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- Snow quartz gemstone
- 0.80mm sterling silver wire
- Two Swarovski pearls
- Silver chain

Kusudama 'Hanahitai Mitsuya' by Ilyere
Kusudama 'Hanahitai Mitsuya'
And this one is called 花額三ツ矢!

Another model from "Kusudama Origami - Hanakiriko", this one expands on "Mitsuya Kiriko" a little and allows for extra units to be slotted in place of the square faces. This time, I added a matching coloured Sonobe cube and an embroidery tassel.

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- Six 7.5cm chiyogami squares
- Six 7.5cm red-and-yellow duo-coloured paper squares
- Eight 7.5cm duo-coloured paper triangles
- Six 5cm Sonobe units in matching colours
- Coloured twine
- PVA glue
Kusudama 'Mitsuya Kiriko' by Ilyere
Kusudama 'Mitsuya Kiriko'
The name is actually just a direct reading from the book. It's called 三ツ矢切子. I don't actually know what it means, so I just took the Romaji reading of it. XD

I bought a book from the famed kusudama artist Tomoko Fuse, simply called "Kusudama Origami - Hanakiriko" (
花切子 on the book, Romaji again) and this is one of the first models in it. It also convinced me to finally use my pattern chiyogami paper stash, as I never ever use it. XD
My own touches to the model were the beads and the Yoshizawa v2 butterflies that hang below it.

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- Eight 7.5cm chiyogami squares
- Eight 7.5cm duo-coloured paper triangles
- Coloured twine
- Coloured beads
- PVA glue



Ilyere's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
I'm a full-time university student studying Computer Science, so life is quite busy at the moment, but in my spare time, I like to dabble in all kinds of artisan crafts.
My main speciality is origami and jewellery, but I've been trying to do more things with sewing.
I don't update my DA the most; I update my Facebook page more often with WIPs and the like, so I would prefer if you followed me there. :3

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Sadly, I'm no longer a student of Cambridge. The course was far too difficult for me, and I was very unprepared for the workload I received. I spent a lot of time attempting to study the material and understand things, but I couldn't cope with it and had many problems during the length of the year, both academically and health-wise. The exams I sat were not nice, I knew I was in big trouble after the first one.

So over the summer, I've managed to successfully apply for a place at Birmingham. Same course (Computer Science), but a lot closer to home. (Only an hour's train ride compared to three!) And I live in a lovely area that's close to the Chinese quarter, yummy food and snacks, haha! I'm a bit worried because I live in accommodation that's meant for Birmingham City students... Not that there's anything wrong with BCU students, but the fact is that I live a little bit further than most freshers of my uni. It's hard for a person like me to get out there and socialise... >w<

I was lucky to be able to secure a place so late in the year. Well, I'm determined to have a successful uni year for the first time, and I don't want to ruin this opportunity I have.



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